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KHF 2021 General Elections

Dear Esteemed Members,

The following are the vacant positions of Board Representations for 2021 KHF General Elections.

  1. KHF Chairman – 1 Position
  2. KHF Director Professional Association – 1 Position
  3. KHF Director Corporate – 2 positions

9th April 2021 – Unveiling of Nominated Candidates and beginning of Campaign Period.

20th – 23rd May – Registration of Voters.

24th – 26th May 2021, 11:59pm – Online Voting Process.

27th May 2021 – AGM Announcement Results of the KHF 2021 General Elections.


We are pleased to unveil to you the Nominated Candidates for the KHF 2021 General Elections. Download the Election Bulletin.

Note; We will be updating and sharing the 2021 Paid up list regularly as members continue to renew their 2021 membership.

KHF Election Timetable – 2021

KHF 2021 Paid Up Members as at 10th May 2021

KHF 2021 General Elections Bulletin

KHF Voters Register

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